Homeopathy treatments Brisbane

Our treatment approach is holistic,  considering the strong inter relationship of body and mind in health maintenance. Homeopathy is highly individualized, so each person receives a highly personalized care in any of his or her problems.

We have a definite treatment plan for Acute  & Chronic complaints and  will explain this in your  first consultation. This give you  an  opportunity to know and discuss what treatment  you  are going to have, the out comes and the average cost.

All enquiries and consultations will be handled with professionalism and confidentiality.

 For Chronic complaints our treatment approach is

1. Investigating & confirming your problem

2. Identifying your Constitution & Miasm

3. Identifying   Maintaining Causes

4. Ongoing Support

1. Investigating & Confirming your problem. (First Appointment)

Identifying your health problem is the most important step.  We investigate further your problems with reference to exciting, maintaining & fundamental  causes.

All symptoms are investigated –

Physical level                                    Past medical history                Diet & nutrition

Emotional level                                 Treatment history                     Environmental Exposure

Associated complaints                      Family history                          Seasonal changes

Non- related complaints                   Life style & Habits                     Medications & supplements

If the diagnosis is not clear or in case if we need further clarification for  your problem  we will suggest  some tests. This can be done through your G.P.

If we suspecting heavy  metal toxicity, mineral imbalance  or nutritional deficiency   we may suggest  some   tests. These tests we suggest  are not medicare covered

Hair Mineral Analysis

Complete digestive stool analysis (CDSA)

Allergy tests

After identifying & confirming your problem and the cause,  we will  start with homeopathic drug  for your symptoms in the order of severity, most recent and most urgent.

2. Identifying your Constitution & Miasm

This step we will start with a constitutional medicine which clearly covering your miasmatic picture.

According to homeopathy Miasm  is the fundamental  cause of disease &  basic tendency of a person .This may be Psoric (functional), Syphilitic(destructive), Sycotic (proliferative)  or combinations of  these.  Each and every symptom are analyzed for  miasmatic expression.

The constitutional & miasmatic  treatment will help to restore the balance in the mind, body and emotion. This will help to remove the tendency for recurrence. This step  is main part  because it is towards the deeper part of your problem.

This step will require 2 or  3 follow ups depends upon duration and severity of your problem.

3. Identifying Maintaining Cause

Along with homeopathic remedies we investigate your constitution for sensitivity and susceptibility. Remedy will help you to remove the susceptibilities and sensitivity of your personality in emotional & physical level. We will help you to find &  maintain a healthy life style  through adjustments in diet, habits  and to better adapt  mental & physical stress.

Removing or adjusting these maintaining  cause is necessary for maintaining your improvement.

This step may require 1or 2 follow ups.

4. Ongoing Support

 After your treatment is over we suggest to visit our clinic once in 3 months  or 6 months  to maintain your improvement  and good health. Our service available through 3 locations – Brisbane, Bray Park & Caboolture.

We have special questionnaire for different health problems. We can send those forms by email or by post if you would like to fill that before your meeting. That will save our time and will give you enough time to recollect all information related with your health.  It is not mandatory to fill up all the questions and these are only meant for a homeopathic health assessment. We will also send our privacy policy information along with the questionnaire .


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Please mention your confirmed appointment date, full name, address and phone number  to receive these forms.