Online Homeopathic Clinic

Online homeopathic clinic facility is available for those who cannot visit our clinic in Brisbane. We offer best online homeopathic treatment all over the world and you will get high standard homeopathic care from the comfort of your home/office. We have many clients for online homeopathic treatment from Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, UAE and U.S.A

Online homeopathic treatment is ideal for busy people. There is no need for you to take time off work or problems with childcare. You can do this at home at your convenience and you will get medicine at your doorstep.

Procedure for online homeopathic treatment:

1.Those who want to book an online consultation, please contact us by email (, by phone (0402 675 682) or using the contact us form.

2. We will send the Registration Form, Consent Form & Detailed Case Take Form by email or by post.

3. You should fill out & return the Registration form and Consent form. Also forward all copies of test reports, investigation reports and related documents.

4. We  will contact by your preferred mode of contact- Phone, E-mail or Skype  for further details of your problems

5. You have to pay the fees by internet money transfer to get the medicine and treatment plan.

6. We will send the medicine by post. For clients from India and some selected countries have the options to buy from homeopathy pharmacies over there, so that you can save time.

7. Should take medicine accordingly and should take the follow-ups as directed.

 Online homeopathic treatments are only for:

1. Complaints which are chronic long-standing nature, no relief or desired results with other treatments. Homeopathy can support your treatments and help you to improve your general health & well being.

2. The person should confirm their diagnosis with G.P or medical doctor and should take follow ups according to their request.

3. We do not treat any serious illness or severe infections.

4. Homeopathic medicine can be taken with any other medications. Reducing or stopping your current medication should be done only upon your doctor’s decision.

5.We are not offering online consultation for acute problems, severe infections, major health problems and emergency situations.

All enquiries and consultations will be handled with professionalism and confidentiality.