Homeopathy Open Day

Date : April 13th 2019

Time : 10Am- 12PM

Venue : CWA Hall , 30 Main Street, Samford Village 4520

Come and join us for a fun and informative day to celebrate the 264th birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy. This special day is celebrated all around the world,  in homage to Hahnemann and all the wonderful work homeopathy does helping millions of folk.

You will also get a chance to chat with qualified homeopaths while enjoying delicious birthday cake!

Free talks:
* Homeopathy for dealing with daily stress – with Agi Mary Joseph

* Homeopathy and common complaints – with Petrina Reichman

* Homeopathy for animal well being – with Roz Leslie

Come and see how homeopathy can help you and your loved ones health!