Can Homeopathy Help Relieve PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a highly prevalent condition among women with a menstrual cycle, with 85% of women reporting at least one symptom. You are not alone, but this can make it seem inescapable. PMS can also seem confusing, because it involves a broad range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that appear any time after ovulation and disappear when menstruation begins. The most common include anxiety, sugar cravings, water retention, headaches and fatigue. As PMS significantly weighs down on our quality of life, homeopathy may be worth a try.

What Are Some Common Homeopathic Remedies For PMS?

Every woman is an individual, so in homeopathic practice there are dozens of possible remedies that could be given depending on the specific symptom picture. You and your best friend may both experience sugar cravings, but their timing; aggravating or relieving factors; and presence of other symptoms all influence the symptom picture.

For example, morning headaches, salt cravings and a desire to be alone could indicate the Nat mur remedy, while an aversion to feeling alone, intermittent menstrual flow and changing moods form part of the Pulsatilla picture. The personal nature of homeopathy means that we will take all symptoms into consideration, particularly ones that seem strange or very specific. Homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonica is indicated in woman with fluid retention, headaches, and tired. Other symptoms associated with this remedy include weight gain, cold limbs and difficulty climbing stairs or even walking. Furthermore, these symptoms should worsen with exposure to cold or dampness in the morning, and with exertion.

Eating healthy, regular exercise, reducing salt, sugar, carbohydrates, coffee, smoking and alcohol, drinking plenty of water may also help to balance hormones and relieve PMS. Along with life style changes homeopathy offers a natural solution to balance hormones without administering any harmful hormone preparations.

Does Homeopathy Work For PMS?

As more patients turn to holistic healthcare, more research has been performed on homeopathy. For example, a clinical study of 20 women with PMS compared use of one of five different remedies against a placebo. These five were given based on their individual symptom pictures. After homeopathic treatment, average PMS scores fell from 0.44 to 0.13, while there was only a drop from 0.38 to 0.34 in the placebo group. Around 90% of treated women enjoyed an at least 30% improvement in their symptoms, compared to 37.5%. Women taking homeopathic remedies also missed fewer work days and took far less medication to manage their PMS. These results were not affected by their suggestibility, which was measured by psychological tests to further control for a placebo response.

A larger study of 103 women tested 14 different homeopathic remedies, by only signing up those whose symptom pictures matched one of the remedies used. Some of these symptom pictures included “unusual” features, such as tendencies to jealousy or cravings for soft eggs. After homeopathic treatment, their PMS symptoms improved, and they took 91% fewer sick days and 75% less medication. Their reduced need for medication and days off was partly due to improved overall health.

Observational research of women only taking homeopathic remedies also showed positive effects. When the cases of 23 women were evaluated, they found a fall in average symptom scores from 13.7 to 6.3, and 21 said they noticed improved quality of life. The most commonly prescribed homeopathic was Folliculinum, followed by Lachesis mutus, but the women were given anywhere up to six remedies.

In conclusion, homeopathy may provide you with effective relief of PMS symptoms if it is correctly personalised. Professional support is always best, as your symptom picture may contain seemingly-unusual details or change over time. Contact us if you would like to book a consultation.


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