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Homeopathy Consultation Fees

  • Initial homeopathic consultation -$90.00 + Remedy cost ( $12-$24)
  • Follow Up -$60.00+Remedy cost ( $12-$24)
  • Kids,Students,Pensioners -$60.00+Remedy cost ( $12-$24)
  • Kids,Students,Pensioners Follow Up-$50.00+Remedy cost ( $12-$24)
  • Homeopathic remedy cost without consultation -$ 15.00 (Only with a script)

    Gift Certificates available

Most of the private health funds are approved, including Medibank Private, Bupa, Nib, Mbf.

The refund will depends upon your level of cover for complementary health care services.

Methods of payment

  • EFTPOS (Currently not  available at Bray Park Clinic)
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Internet money transfer

Please read the following notes before making an appointment.

1.Homeopathic Consultations are different from modern medical doctor`s consultation. During your first visit  I will need to know your current health in detail. In addition I will also require some information about:-

  • Family Health history
  • Life style
  • Past medical history
  • Treatment history
  • Emotional State
  • Working environment

Providing detailed information will help me to accurately assess you. It is not obligatory to answer all, but these definitely would help me to select correct remedy. The information collected during case-taking will be used solely for the purpose of selecting your homoeopathic remedy. All your information will be held absolutely confidential. I will also provide you  my privacy policy brochure at your appointment.

2.Follow-up visit is usually after 4 weeks but timing will depend on your individual needs. Clients are welcomed to contact in between visits by telephone or by E-mail if they want to discuss about what is happening after taking the prescribed remedy.

3. Some  chronic diseases   may   require 3 or more  follow -up visits. Please go through my fees schedule. If you would like to know amount of health fund rebate, please check with your fund prior to your booking.

How can we know that medicine is acting?

For acute complaints you will get the result after first or second dose. In case of chronic complaints relief usually slow and gradual . You will feel

  • General well being
  • Increased energy
  • Good sleep
  • Decrease in the severity of symptoms and gradual disappearance
  • Mental and physical calmness.

Notes about your visit.

1.Please bring the list of medicines, including prescription medicines & non- prescription medicines, vitamins, herbals and dietary supplements that you are already taking, any laboratory findings, X-ray s, scan or investigation reports or copies related with your complaints .

2. Some  chronic conditions  may need specific pathology tests before we formulate your treatment plan. These tests are not covered by medicare.

3. A 24 Hour cancellation notice is greatly appreciated.

4.We do not treat any serious illness or severe infections. Homeopaths are not qualified to diagnose illness or disease.


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